Thursday, 5 November 2009

Have an 'eco-friendly X-mas ho ho ho :)

Hello and welcome to a series  of eco-craft tips and projects.

Find below some great ways to not only recycle some of your rubbish into neat xmas gifts and cards, but also get the kids or friends involved, it's great fun !

Eco-craft project 1 > recycle your Zip & CD cases inovatively

You'll need ... 

> A stack of old Zip drive/CD covers  
(thanks to my boyfriends hording, there were many for me to snatch) LOL 
> christmas ornaments (I used flat straw stars, see pic) 
> glue 
> scissors 
> card paper 
> old xmas cards or festive decorative stickers 
> white/gold pen (optional) 

Step 1
Ensure that the ornament or whatever you want put in the Zip-cover does not obstruct or crush when the case is closed. 

Step 2 
Use the paper sleeve inside of the zip-case as a guideline on how large to cut your decorative cover. Or measure the plastic and just cut paper to size 

Step 3 
Decorate your cut-to-shape card paper in a festive style. I re-use motives and words from old christmas cards for this. Have your friends donate their old xmas cards this year and you'll have a stock of great material for next year to come :) 

Step 4 
Once the decorated paper square is in place, add the ornament to the zip-case and 

VOILA ....a neat way to re-use those plastic covers and make a unique and personalised xmas gift. 

NOTE: This idea can of course be used for many other occasions like birthdays, Valentines ...

Enjoy and get eco-crafty 

Best wishes 

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