Monday, 9 February 2009

The green nitty gritty

NEW GREEN LEGISLATIONS - ohhh the word alone let's CEO's shake in their loafers...

There is still so much misinformation or lack of info when it comes to green topics that the novice easily gets a rather sustainable headache and ---- may give up in the maze of the green jungle of 'eco-not-so-userfriendly-ness'.

But it need not be so daunting. It just needs more of a 'Sherlock Homes' approach, become more inquisitive, ask questions, be nosy (and sometimes irritating) and make sure you get the information YOU need to cover your sustainability issues.
Now where to get it, that's the next hurdle. Googling alone might not produce the results - it's not structured enough to get info about topics accurately. It produces a mere :P
9,710,000 entries when searching for 'business sustainability' - do you want to scroll through all those??

So here is what you can do to 'optimise' your time searching when you already online:
Use Clusty - it's my secret weapon pssst - (a very different kind of search engine that clusters search results intelligently by topics you searched for) - it's worth a try, as it cuts down my time drastically and gives much more accurate results.
I also introduced this AI-search-engine to CEO's I trained in internet efficiency and 90% preferred it after test running it to other, more popular ones.>>> - you got to try it out to experience the difference...!

But there are other ways then online to get the green info:
a) get in touch with your local environmental agency or council and see what they can offer you in regards to literature, web-links and advice.
b) then take initiative to let them know, if they don't cover what you need or ...
c) share the info you find valuable with others & join a green business network in your area
d) if there isn't one, then why not start one yourself :)

  • Time for a tea-break (today it's a cup of lovely organic Earl Grey ... be right back) *************** ok back!

So let me hear your barbaric YAWP and let that pioneer spirit soar high above the smog covered landfills!

But where was I?? Oh yes, nitty gritty ....
Over time, and with my natural inquisitiveness, I have gathered together a multitude of helpful resources which I want to share with you today and I hope you will do likewise, pass them on! We need to get a bit more of a dynamic going here and live by the spirit of: Sharing is caring.

Feel free however to contact me if you have a specific request and feel stuck!
  • 1) General Guides UK (also one to get the kids involved)
ENVIRONMENTAL AGENCY (a great first step for information)
UK RECYCLE GUIDE (all you need to know about recycling, for private or business)
  • 2) Sustainability advice (for businesses in the UK)
ENVIROWISE (valuable business resource + webinars, legislation info etc.)
PLANETFRIENDLY (global resource on sustainability and CSR corporate social responsibility)
  • 3) Greener Life-style help
GREENFINDER (for products that are green, eco & ethical)
HOWTOGOGREEN initiative (a great portal for everybody to get a first taste of going greener)
  • 4) Water Management UK
SUSTAINABLE WATER MANAGEMENT CENTRE (an excellent rearch material offering)
  • 5) Waste Management UK
DEFRA-waste management
  • 6) Current legislation list
NETREGS (a portal for detailed legislation, acts of orders & regulations info)
  • 7) Sustainable innovations

So... that's it for the moment, but watch this space, soon more to come.

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